The web site of the Vogelwerkgroep Vlietland exists since Januari 16 1997. News about the website and the bird areas that are being studied can be found at different places on the site. Here you can find an overview of the most recent changes and additions to the web site.

Change history

11-2-2016 Pictures of great northern loon and hermine .
3-9-2015 Picture of common buzzard.
19-3-2015 Picture of white-tailed eagle.
14-3-2015 Picture of greater flamingo.
13-1-2015 Pictures of northern pintail and ruff.
2-8-2014 Picture of purple heron.
27-7-2014 Picture of black-crowned night-heron.
17-7-2014 Picture of caspian gull.
8-6-2014 Picture of whiskered tern.
1-5-2014 Picture of black-winged stilt.
29-10-2013 Picture of glossy ibis.
1-9-2013 Pictures of osprey and lesser yellowlegs.
14-8-2013 Picture of least weasel .
26-6-2013 Picture of whimbrel.
14-6-2013 Picture of white-winged tern.
5-5-2013 Picture of fulvous whistling duck .
31-3-2013 Pictures of red knot and mistle thrush.
28-3-2013 Picture of great egret.
23-1-2013 Picture of eurasian coot.
19-1-2013 Picture of winter wren.
12-1-2013 Picture of long-tailed tit.
3-10-2012 Picture of northern chiffchaff.
2-10-2012 Picture of cetti's warbler.
20-9-2012 Picture of northern shoveler.
22-6-2012 Pictures of common kestrel, stock dove and common swift.
10-2-2012 Picture of greater scaup.
25-10-2011 Picture of northern goshawk.
28-9-2011 Picture of great egret.
8-8-2011 Picture of greylag goose.
2-8-2011 Picture of peregrine falcon.
11-7-2011 Picture of ringed teal.
19-2-2011 Pictures of horned grebe and red-breasted goose.
13-2-2011 Picture of horned grebe.
8-11-2010 Picture of red phalarope.
31-7-2010 Picture of common greenshank.
4-6-2010 Picture of red-crested pochard.
4-5-2010 Pictures of European Rabbit, European Hare en Red Fox .
27-3-2010 Picture of Common Noctule .
14-3-2010 Pictures of eurasian spoonbill and eurasian coot.
28-2-2010 Picture of white-headed duck.
20-2-2010 Pictures of white-headed duck and eurasian woodcock.
20-1-2010 Picture of velvet scoter.
20-12-2009 Picture of eurasian woodcock.
19-12-2009 Picture of Wood Lark (2x).
21-9-2009 Picture of sacred ibis .
14-3-2009 Picture of great bittern.
18-2-2009 Picture of barn owl.
1-2-2009 Pictures of great bittern and bar-headed goose .
29-12-2008 Picture of grey wagtail.
27-12-2008 Picture of black-throated loon.
4-9-2008 Picture of spotted flycatcher.
15-8-2008 Picture of water rail.
10-8-2008 Picture of european goldfinch.
30-7-2008 Pictures of great cormorant, western marsh harrier and common tern.
18-5-2008 Picture of savi's warbler.
29-4-2008 Pictures of garden warbler and willow warbler.
21-4-2008 Pictures of black-necked grebe, blackcap and eurasian bullfinch.
22-2-2008 Pictures of bewick's swan, northern pintail, common goldeneye, smew and eurasian oystercatcher.
2-1-2008 Pictures of tundra bean goose and greater white-fronted goose.
31-12-2007 Picture of wood mouse .
25-12-2007 Pictures of greater scaup, common moorhen and common gull.
12-12-2007 Pictures of northern shoveler and common blackbird.
9-12-2007 Pictures of northern pintail, common goldeneye and pomarine jaeger.
5-12-2007 Picture of pomarine jaeger.
4-12-2007 Picture of black-legged kittiwake.
3-12-2007 Picture of pomarine jaeger.
1-12-2007 Picture of pomarine jaeger.
28-11-2007 Picture of pomarine jaeger.
27-11-2007 Picture of pomarine jaeger.
26-11-2007 Picture of pomarine jaeger.
25-11-2007 Picture of pomarine jaeger.
12-11-2007 Pictures of pomarine jaeger and little auk.
10-11-2007 Pictures of northern gannet and common scoter.
29-9-2007 Picture of peregrine falcon.
27-8-2007 Picture of caspian tern.
26-8-2007 Pictures of green sandpiper and caspian tern.
29-7-2007 Picture of little grebe.
22-7-2007 Picture of common kingfisher.
8-7-2007 Picture of european greenfinch.
13-6-2007 Picture of caspian tern.
19-5-2007 Picture of common swift.
18-5-2007 Picture of white-winged tern.
11-5-2007 Picture of common gull.
5-5-2007 Pictures of whinchat and common whitethroat.
29-4-2007 Pictures of common buzzard and common tern.
15-4-2007 Picture of pectoral sandpiper.
10-4-2007 Picture of bluethroat.
9-4-2007 Picture of great grey shrike.
7-4-2007 Picture of white-headed duck.
28-3-2007 Pictures of white stork, black-tailed godwit, black redstart and brambling.
10-3-2007 Picture of spotted redshank.
3-3-2007 Picture of common crane.
4-2-2007 Picture of mute swan.
1-2-2007 Picture of northern pintail.
24-1-2007 Picture of Smew (2x).
17-1-2007 Picture of Ruddy Duck (2x).
15-1-2007 Pictures of northern shoveler and greater scaup.
30-12-2006 Pictures of black-headed gull and european herring gull.
17-12-2006 Pictures of little grebe and eurasian sparrowhawk.
13-12-2006 Pictures of eurasian wigeon and northern goshawk.
10-12-2006 Pictures of eurasian wigeon, common goldeneye and eurasian sparrowhawk.
9-12-2006 Pictures of common shelduck, common teal, northern pintail, goosander and european golden plover.
30-11-2006 Pictures of eurasian wigeon and white-cheeked pintail.
27-11-2006 Picture of peregrine falcon.
12-11-2006 Picture of red-crested pochard.
8-11-2006 Picture of common stonechat.
28-10-2006 Pictures of eurasian sparrowhawk and common snipe.
24-9-2006 Picture of white stork.
21-9-2006 Picture of little stint.
20-9-2006 Picture of eurasian spoonbill.
16-9-2006 Picture of Ruddy Shelduck x Egyptian Goose.
14-9-2006 Picture of zitting cisticola.
13-9-2006 Picture of whinchat.
9-9-2006 Picture of white-cheeked pintail.
3-9-2006 Picture of common kingfisher.
29-8-2006 Picture of tufted duck.
27-8-2006 Pictures of dunlin, lesser black-backed gull, common tern and black tern.
16-8-2006 Pictures of common goldeneye and common sandpiper.
9-8-2006 Picture of common snipe.
7-8-2006 Picture of spotted redshank.
9-7-2006 Picture of bearded reedling.
6-7-2006 Pictures of northern lapwing and black-headed gull.
29-6-2006 Breeding count 2005 (Dutch) .
24-6-2006 Pictures of eurasian spoonbill and sedge warbler.
22-6-2006 Picture of ruff.
17-6-2006 Pictures of little ringed plover, bluethroat and bearded reedling.
9-6-2006 Picture of little tern.
4-6-2006 Picture of eurasian spoonbill.
20-5-2006 Picture of grey plover.
10-5-2006 Picture of common sandpiper.
3-5-2006 Picture of common blackbird.
29-4-2006 Picture of bar-tailed godwit.
24-4-2006 Pictures of little ringed plover, spotted redshank, little gull and great spotted woodpecker.
23-4-2006 Picture of common grasshopper warbler.
18-4-2006 Picture of horned grebe.
16-4-2006 Pictures of common redshank and european pied flycatcher.
8-4-2006 Pictures of icelandic black-tailed godwit and barn swallow.
5-4-2006 Pictures of black-tailed godwit and icelandic black-tailed godwit .
29-3-2006 Picture of coal tit.
25-3-2006 Pictures of black-necked grebe, short-toed tree creeper, common chaffinch and european goldfinch.
15-3-2006 Picture of great bittern.
25-2-2006 Pictures of great spotted woodpecker and grey wagtail.
19-2-2006 Picture of black-headed gull.
18-2-2006 Pictures of velvet scoter and common goldeneye.
13-2-2006 Picture of meadow pipit.
29-1-2006 Pictures of meadow pipit, grey wagtail and eurasian jay.
25-1-2006 Pictures of bewick's swan and velvet scoter.
22-1-2006 Picture of mealy redpoll.
21-1-2006 Pictures of black-necked grebe and velvet scoter.
8-1-2006 Pictures of common buzzard, goldcrest and short-toed tree creeper.
4-1-2006 Pictures of european robin and blue tit.
27-12-2005 Picture of goosander.
25-12-2005 Picture of european goldfinch.
10-12-2005 Picture of common sandpiper.
7-12-2005 Picture of dark-bellied brent goose.
4-12-2005 Picture of eider.
26-11-2005 Pictures of white stork, common stonechat, common starling and mealy redpoll.
19-11-2005 Pictures of eurasian wigeon, meadow pipit, water pipit, fieldfare, redwing, great tit, eurasian jay and snow bunting.
6-11-2005 Pictures of bewick's swan, common kestrel, peregrine falcon, yellow-legged gull and bearded reedling.
26-10-2005 Picture of red phalarope.
22-10-2005 Picture of eurasian green woodpecker.
12-10-2005 Picture of water pipit.
5-10-2005 Pictures of little grebe, eurasian spoonbill, eurasian sparrowhawk, common kingfisher and european goldfinch.
3-10-2005 Pictures of barnacle goose, egyptian goose , water rail, european golden plover and black-headed gull.
21-9-2005 Picture of long-tailed tit.
18-9-2005 Picture of common moorhen.
10-9-2005 Pictures of northern goshawk and northern chiffchaff.
7-9-2005 Picture of common kingfisher.
6-9-2005 Picture of icelandic black-tailed godwit .
31-8-2005 Pictures of spotted redshank and common kingfisher.
28-8-2005 Pictures of red-necked grebe, snow goose and eurasian coot.
27-8-2005 Picture of white stork.
Foto page Red-necked Grebe .
25-8-2005 Research on recreational needs .
21-8-2005 Pictures of red-necked phalarope (4x) and european pied flycatcher.
13-8-2005 Picture of great crested grebe.
31-7-2005 Pictures of great cormorant, black-crowned night-heron, white stork, common greenshank, red-necked phalarope, caspian tern and white-headed munia .
2-7-2005 Picture of black-headed gull.
22-6-2005 Picture of little tern.
21-6-2005 Picture of fox .
19-6-2005 Pictures of gadwall and common whitethroat.
8-6-2005 Picture of common grasshopper warbler.
1-6-2005 Pictures of dunnock, common whitethroat and carrion crow.
22-5-2005 Pictures of winter wren, common nightingale, spotted flycatcher and blue tit.
18-5-2005 Pictures of egyptian goose and savi's warbler.
16-5-2005 Pictures of red knot, black-headed gull, common gull and common tern.
14-5-2005 Picture of common cuckoo.
9-5-2005 Picture of ruddy turnstone.
8-5-2005 Pictures of pied avocet, great spotted woodpecker and winter wren.
30-4-2005 Picture of ferruginous duck.
21-4-2005 Picture of savi's warbler.
20-4-2005 Pictures of little gull and european goldfinch.
18-4-2005 Picture of black-necked grebe.
10-4-2005 Pictures of pied avocet and icelandic black-tailed godwit.
3-4-2005 Pictures of pheasant and ring ouzel.
2-4-2005 Picture of bluethroat.
27-3-2005 Pictures of black-necked grebe and greylag goose.
22-3-2005 Picture of common kestrel.
6-3-2005 Picture of horned grebe.
5-3-2005 Picture of water rail.
4-3-2005 Pictures of common teal and common goldeneye.
27-2-2005 Pictures of snow goose and carrion crow.
20-2-2005 Picture of smew.
8-2-2005 Picture of ruddy shelduck.
6-2-2005 Picture of lesser canada goose.
5-2-2005 Find of a ringed barn owl .
30-1-2005 Picture of european herring gull.
20-1-2005 Picture of white stork.
12-1-2005 Picture of northern shoveler.
26-12-2004 Pictures of white stork, lesser canada goose and pheasant .
12-12-2004 Pictures of black-necked grebe and little egret.
10-12-2004 Picture of rose-ringed parakeet .
7-11-2004 Picture of cetti's warbler.
30-10-2004 Picture of sacred ibis .
24-10-2004 Picture of european robin.
13-10-2004 Picture of wilson's phalarope.
12-10-2004 Pictures of little grebe and mediterranean gull.
9-10-2004 Picture of yellow-legged gull.
8-10-2004 Picture of goosander.
7-10-2004 Pictures of western marsh harrier and common magpie.
6-10-2004 Pictures of northern pintail, common goldeneye and red-breasted merganser.
25-9-2004 Pictures of european herring gull and barn swallow.
22-9-2004 Picture of dunlin.
18-9-2004 Pictures of common kestrel and common stonechat.
11-9-2004 Picture of european herring gull.
8-9-2004 Pictures of western marsh harrier and common sandpiper.
5-9-2004 Picture of eurasian sparrowhawk.
4-9-2004 Pictures of sacred ibis and eurasian spoonbill.
25-8-2004 Picture of lesser black-backed gull.
21-8-2004 Picture of black tern.
17-8-2004 Picture of spotted crake.
15-8-2004 Pictures of water rail and spotted crake.
14-8-2004 Pictures of spotted crake and bluethroat.
13-8-2004 Picture of spotted crake.
12-8-2004 Pictures of eurasian spoonbill and spotted crake.
10-8-2004 Picture of spotted crake.
8-8-2004 Picture of Ruddy Shelduck x Egyptian Goose.
10-7-2004 Picture of common cuckoo.
30-6-2004 Pictures of pied avocet and black-tailed godwit.
6-6-2004 Picture of common reed bunting.
5-6-2004 Picture of eurasian wigeon.
30-5-2004 Pictures of great crested grebe, little gull, sedge warbler and marsh warbler.
26-5-2004 Pictures of eurasian oystercatcher, marsh warbler and great reed warbler.
25-5-2004 Picture of great reed warbler.
20-5-2004 Pictures of pied avocet, red knot, temminck's stint, little gull, common cuckoo, bluethroat, sedge warbler, marsh warbler, european reed warbler and common reed bunting.
19-5-2004 Pictures of common moorhen, pied avocet, common ringed plover, sanderling and bar-tailed godwit.
16-5-2004 Picture of temminck's stint.
14-5-2004 Picture of long-eared owl.
10-5-2004 Report big day (Dutch) .
9-5-2004 Pictures of common pochard and white wagtail.
8-5-2004 Pictures of common shelduck, whimbrel and eurasian curlew.
3-5-2004 Picture of common swift.
2-5-2004 Pictures of bar-tailed godwit and ruddy turnstone.
1-5-2004 Picture of common tern.
30-4-2004 Picture of northern lapwing.
25-4-2004 Pictures of eurasian coot, little ringed plover, northern lapwing and spotted redshank.
23-4-2004 Picture of whimbrel.
18-4-2004 Picture of black-tailed godwit.
16-4-2004 Picture of common greenshank.
14-4-2004 Pictures of mediterranean gull, little gull and common gull.
7-4-2004 Pictures of eurasian oystercatcher and mediterranean gull.
4-4-2004 Pictures of pied avocet and common gull.
2-4-2004 Roost site counts of black-tailed godwits .
17-3-2004 Pictures of eurasian spoonbill, icelandic black-tailed godwit and rock pipit.
16-3-2004 Pictures of great bittern and common chaffinch.
14-3-2004 Pictures of great cormorant, northern pintail and common goldeneye.
13-3-2004 Picture of black-tailed godwit.
11-3-2004 Picture of goosander.
10-3-2004 Picture of water pipit.
7-3-2004 Picture of common chaffinch.
29-2-2004 Pictures of white stork, greylag goose, common teal, northern pintail, goosander and common magpie.
27-2-2004 Picture of eurasian spoonbill.
26-2-2004 Picture of eurasian oystercatcher.
23-2-2004 Picture of "Hamble Point" Oystercatcher .
16-2-2004 Picture of "Hamble Point" Oystercatcher .
15-2-2004 Picture of greater scaup.
13-2-2004 Picture of great egret.
11-2-2004 Picture of greater scaup.
1-2-2004 Picture of great black-backed gull.
25-1-2004 Pictures of greater white-fronted goose and goosander.
21-1-2004 Breeding count 2003 (Dutch) .
Hunting ruddy ducks (Dutch) .
3-1-2004 Pictures of grey heron, european robin and bearded reedling.
2-1-2004 Pictures of common stonechat and bearded reedling.
27-11-2003 Picture of common stonechat.
21-11-2003 Pictures of mallard and long-eared owl.
15-11-2003 Picture of red phalarope.
5-11-2003 Picture of goosander.
26-10-2003 Picture of black-necked grebe.
5-10-2003 Picture of peregrine falcon.
28-9-2003 Pictures of little egret and yellow-legged gull.
26-9-2003 Pictures of water rail and spotted redshank.
25-9-2003 Picture of common stonechat.
21-9-2003 Maps with origin on ring pages (click on country) .
Results of collecting dead birds on September 20 (Dutch) .
17-9-2003 Pictures of great spotted woodpecker and european pied flycatcher.
10-9-2003 Picture of common starling.
9-9-2003 Picture of sacred ibis .
7-9-2003 Pictures of lesser black-backed gull and rose-ringed parakeet .
31-8-2003 Pictures of whinchat, northern wheatear and european pied flycatcher.
Results of collecting dead birds on August 31 (Dutch) .
24-8-2003 Results of collecting dead birds on August 24 (Dutch) .
redesign of ring pages .
20-8-2003 Results of collecting dead birds on August 20 (Dutch) .
13-8-2003 Results of collecting dead birds on August 13 (Dutch) .
11-8-2003 Picture of black tern.
Results of collecting dead birds on August 10 (Dutch) .
6-8-2003 Results of collecting dead birds in august (Dutch) .
3-8-2003 Picture of cockatiel .
6-7-2003 Results of collecting dead birds (Dutch) .
25-6-2003 Picture of great cormorant.
Readings added (total 2003: 83 rings) .
Description of 22 year old eurasian spoonbill (Dutch) .
22-6-2003 Pictures of eurasian spoonbill and sedge warbler.
9-6-2003 Picture of bluethroat.
leucistic european herring gull .
28-5-2003 Picture of common reed bunting.
25-5-2003 Pictures of egyptian goose and ruddy turnstone.
18-5-2003 Ringing overview: readings of alucodes (thanks to Hans Keijser) (Dutch) .
16-5-2003 Pictures of common pochard, northern lapwing, common tern, common wood pigeon, sedge warbler and european reed warbler.
10-5-2003 Picture of little ringed plover.
Old observation of gull-billed tern .
4-5-2003 Pictures of wood sandpiper, sedge warbler and common whitethroat.
3-5-2003 Picture of common tern.
30-4-2003 Picture of common kestrel.
29-4-2003 Picture of savi's warbler.
27-4-2003 Pictures of great cormorant and common sandpiper.
23-4-2003 Ringing overview: wired black-tailed godwit (Dutch) .
22-4-2003 Picture of black tern.
21-4-2003 Pictures of garganey, common grasshopper warbler and common linnet.
17-4-2003 Pictures of great spotted woodpecker and tree pipit.
12-4-2003 Pictures of grey heron, dark-bellied brent goose and bluethroat.
9-4-2003 Pictures of black-necked grebe and ruddy duck .
6-4-2003 Pictures of bar-headed goose and mandarin duck .
3-4-2003 Panoramic overview of the area .
29-3-2003 Pictures of green sandpiper, dunnock and willow warbler.
28-3-2003 Pictures of eurasian oystercatcher and european herring gull.
23-3-2003 Pictures of eurasian oystercatcher, common gull, white wagtail, northern chiffchaff, blue tit and common reed bunting.
22-3-2003 Pictures of eurasian collared dove and eurasian siskin.
15-3-2003 Pictures of greater white-fronted goose, common teal, common goldeneye and meadow pipit.
12-3-2003 Picture of common wood pigeon.
12-3-2003 Picture of common pochard.
7-3-2003 Ringing overview: recovery of Islandic black-tailed godwit (Dutch) .
5-3-2003 Pictures of cinnamon teal , tufted duck and ruddy duck .
2-3-2003 Pictures of black-tailed godwit (with ssp. islandica), dunnock, house sparrow and common reed bunting.
Ringing overview: frost migration of oystercatcher (Dutch) .
1-3-2003 Picture of great crested grebe.
28-2-2003 Picture of red-crested pochard.
26-2-2003 Picture of bewick's swan.
22-2-2003 Picture of barnacle goose.
20-2-2003 Picture of common goldeneye.
19-2-2003 Picture of common shelduck.
16-2-2003 Picture of long-eared owl.
15-2-2003 Picture of smew.
8-2-2003 Picture of hooded crow.
6-2-2003 Picture of smew.
31-1-2003 Pictures of little grebe, greater white-fronted goose and smew.
26-1-2003 Picture of fieldfare.
19-1-2003 Picture of northern shoveler.
15-1-2003 Pictures of northern shoveler, ruddy duck , osprey and egyptian plover (thanks to René van Rossum).
8-1-2003 Picture of mute swan.
5-1-2003 Pictures of common shelduck, eurasian wigeon and smew.
2-1-2003 Picture of bewick's swan.
1-1-2003 Picture of greater scaup.
29-12-2002 Picture of spotted crake.
12-12-2002 Pictures of little egret, mute swan, bewick's swan, garganey, common snipe, european reed warbler and bearded reedling (thanks to Bert Zaalberg).
11-12-2002 Picture of common chaffinch.
7-12-2002 Picture of northern pintail.
Pictures of hybrid common teal x eurasian widgeon .
1-12-2002 Pictures of eider and common chaffinch.
28-11-2002 Picture of velvet scoter.
24-11-2002 Better pictures of red-throated loon and eider.
Pictures of common goldeneye and redwing.
23-11-2002 Pictures of red-throated loon, great cormorant, grey heron, eider, northern lapwing, common kingfisher and great spotted woodpecker.
17-11-2002 Pictures of canada goose and eurasian wigeon.
16-11-2002 Better picture of red phalarope.
Pictures of northern pintail and northern lapwing.
Ring codes of european herring gull .
14-11-2002 Report on breeding birds 2002 (Dutch) .
4-11-2002 Picture of water pipit.
Origin of 11 CR-ringed lesser black-backed gulls in ringoverzicht (thanks to Adri de Groot) .
2-11-2002 Pictures of pink-footed goose, european robin, common blackbird, song thrush, blue tit, great tit and western jackdaw.
Two CR-codes and a recovery in ringoverzicht .
1-11-2002 Picture of water pipit.
25-10-2002 Picture of red phalarope.
18-10-2002 Picture of eurasian curlew.
13-10-2002 Pictures of red-necked grebe, great egret, mallard, northern shoveler, tufted duck, common buzzard and common kestrel.
Recovery of two alu-ringed birds .
9-10-2002 Picture of tufted duck.
Photo overview of red-necked grebe .
6-10-2002 Pictures of little grebe, common kestrel and common magpie.
29-9-2002 Picture of red-necked grebe.
28-9-2002 Information and map on rose-coloured starling (Dutch) .
22-9-2002 Picture of western marsh harrier.
20-9-2002 Picture of rose-coloured starling.
15-9-2002 Result of collecting botulism victims added to botulism report (Dutch) .
Photo impression of collecting action of 15-9-2002 (Dutch) .
8-9-2002 Pictures of bar-headed goose , lesser black-backed gull, yellow-legged gull and common kingfisher (thanks to Roland Groenen).
Photo impression of collecting victims of botulism (Dutch) .
New ring codes (thanks to Hans Keijser) (Dutch) .
Rectification of origin of ringed avocet (not on Starrevaart but in Friesland) (Dutch) .
1-9-2002 Update of report on botulisme (Dutch).
10-8-2002 CR-code of lesser black-backed gull in ringoverzicht.
9-8-2002 Pictures of gadwell, (again) spotted crake and common snipe.
7-8-2002 Again new pictures of spotted crake.
6-8-2002 New pictures of spotted crake.
4-8-2002 Pictures of european golden plover and yellow-legged gull.
2-8-2002 Overview of picture of spotted crake (Dutch).
1-8-2002 Better picture of spotted crake.
31-7-2002 Picture of spotted crake.
30-7-2002 Pictures of great ringed plover and common greenshank.
29-7-2002 Picture of little ringed plover.
27-7-2002 Picture of curlew sandpiper.
22-7-2002 Pictures of dunlin and carrion crow.
20-7-2002 Pictures of marsh harrier, ruff, marsh sandpiper en wood sandpiper.
Reading of ringed black-headed gull (breeding bird on the island).
Sighting of CR-ringed ruff in ringoverzicht.
Article from "de Duinrel" in the press overview (Dutch).
19-7-2002 Pictures of little stint, green sandpiper, collared dove and turtle dove.
18-7-2002 Another pictures of curlew sandpiper.
17-7-2002 Pictures of little stint and curlew sandpiper.
16-7-2002 Picture of carrion crow.
14-7-2002 Pictures of dunlin, ruff, common greenshank, turtle dove en stock dove.
10-7-2002 Pictures of garganey, little ringed plover, spotted redshank and pied wagtail.
8-7-2002 Sightings of two CR-ringed lesser black-backed gulls in ringoverzicht.
7-7-2002 Pictures of avocet en swift.
6-7-2002 Explanation of the water quality measurements (Dutch)
30-6-2002 Pictures of garganey and spotted redshank.
Added CR-code of Black-tailed Godwit in ringoverzicht.
24-6-2002 Some CR-codes in ringoverzicht.
23-6-2002 Pictures of common coot and spotted redshank.
20-6-2002 Picture of ruff.
19-6-2002 Homepage now also in English.
18-6-2002 Picture of sacred ibis.
17-6-2002 Picture of mediterannean gull.
15-6-2002 Pictures of blue heron, tufted duck and little ringed plover.
14-6-2002 Graphs in avifauna updated with 2001.